All metal brake lines Olds,88,98, F-85,Cutless 61-76

All metal brake lines Olds,88,98, F-85,Cutless 61-76
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This is a handy kit, because the lengths and sizes vary on each car!! !


We ask for your application to double check before we ship!

This is a complete brake line replacement kit. All lines are supplied double-flared at each end with S.A.E. specified male inverted flare fittings attached -- ready for quick easy installation. All brake lines have an extra long nut on one end to seat in late model deep-seated wheel cylinders. These maliable lines are easy to bend or coil without collapsing the tubing or restricting the flow of brake fluid. A chart of your brake system is included and all lines are clearly marked and numbered as to where they should be installed. Couplers are included where necessary.
this kit is for the following:

Oldsmobile (Full Size) 1961 to 1976*
Toronado 1967 to 1976*
F85 & Cutless 1961 to 1976*
Omega 1973-76*
Starfire 1975-76*
Oldsmobile (Full Size) 1967 to 76*
Toronado 1967 to 1976

We must know the year, model, disc or drum brakes to send you the correct kit.

* These 1967 to 1976 model cars use duel braking systems. You may need re-use or obtain an adapter to attach the line to the master cylinder.
All information on lines are for OEM brake systems only. The lines may not fit any brake system that has been modified.

Fits years listed: 61 1961 62 1962 63 1963 64 1

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